When you research the different motivations and reasons WHY people become entrepreneurs,

it’s usually because they want more out of life: more money, more flexibility, and perhaps even a big vision of making an impact and leaving a legacy, so they’ve decided to start their own business to achieve this.

Yet what’s ironic to me is that if you’ve ever had a conversation with another entrepreneur after they’ve in business for a while, the picture of a thriving, fulfilling business – where they’re doing and achieving everything they set out to achieve – is NOT the picture they often paint.

Instead, you’ll hear things like:

  • “I feel like I do nothing by spin my wheels!”

  • “I feel like I am all over the place!”

  • “I feel like I am getting nowhere!”

  • “I am exhausted” and “I am so stressed out!”

  • “I don’t know if I want to do this anymore”

  • “Maybe I should just go get a job”

Wait, WHAT?!

It’s true. They’re stressed, overwhelmed, and spinning out of control. They begin to question if what they’re working toward is really worth it. They contemplate quitting. They start wondering if it would be easier just to go back and “get a job.”

The snow-globe of their ideal life has been so shaken up that they can’t even see clearly anymore.

And just like I did before my breakdown awakening, they’ve literally become chained to their work and to the tape that plays over and over in their head: “work harder, work harder, work harder!”

Yet all of this busy work drives them further and further away from their actual goals and dreams. I have witnessed some of the most brilliant business owners end up broke and completely out of business before they even have a chance to really get started because frankly, they don’t have the tools they need to combat the powerful feelings of stress and overwhelm when they strike. They literally have caged themselves in, unable to fly because they lack the Roadmap on how to keep stress to a minimum and kick overwhelm to the curb.

They stay where they are and attempt to achieve success from inside of their cage, unable to fly because they can’t even spread their wings.

They suffer from depression, anxiety, immune deficiencies, nervous breakdowns, even cancer, like I did…

And unless they admit that they need support and start seeking solutions on how to stop spinning, they will be continually burning themselves out and living a life completely unfulfilled and dissatisfied, where they have no hope of ever achieving their goals.


(Yes, you heard that right. I promise you, it doesn’t!)

I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating a simple, clear, and easy-to-follow Roadmap that you can use to reach your personal goals and dreams.

Think of it like Google Map, specifically built and tailored to YOUR BUSINESS!

  • This roadmap literally becomes the compass to guide all of your daily actions

  • When you learn how to use it, you will immediately become more organized, focused, and productive because you will know exactly what actionable steps to focus on (and eliminate the ones that don’t serve you!)

  • Most importantly, you’ll learn how to take the negative energy that you spent spinning your wheels and refocus it into a positive energy that will help you get results.

  • Plus, you’ll get my hands-on coaching and guidance (literally, my eyeballs on your business!) to help you see where you might be self-sabotaging, and together we will nip that in the bud and get you right back on track

Because I have to be honest with you: of ALL the things I did to help me refocus my life and put myself back on track, having external support was hands-down the BEST INVESTMENT I COULD HAVE EVER MADE.

External support is the MOST POWERFUL thing on the planet, and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve when you open your heart and mind to being coached on the things that will help you up-level in ALL areas of your life.

After working with me,

  • You’ll walk away with the ability to make more money and grow your business because you’ll know how to work from a balanced, centered, and fulfilled place

  • You’ll start to see every single one of your relationships flourish and become more fulfilling

  • You’ll eliminate those awful feelings of guilt that pop up when it comes to spending time on you and on the things you enjoy

  • Your inner game will be SO incredibly strong that you’ll become your most efficient self in all of your roles

  • You’ll easily be able to get more done in less time because you’ll know HOW to prioritize what’s important and how to manage your calendar so that you can spend that time doing things YOU love

….all while building a thriving business!

Not sure which program is the best fit for you?

Book a discovery call with me today and we’ll explore your options together!


Embodying the rare combination of charm, intelligence, and passion, I cannot imagine there are many coaches more qualified than Courtney. Her generosity, both in her work environment and in her life, is a true reflection of who she is and how she deeply desires to help people become better versions of themselves.

- Luke U.