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CourtneyElmer.com Motivational Speaker

You know what it’s like to work long hours under relentless pressure, meeting strict deadlines and handling last minute changes.

You're in charge of countless details behind the scenes, and let’s go ahead and agree — you’re good at it.

That’s because you’re a problem solver. You love the thrill of seeing an event come together. You love playing the role of matchmaker — finding the perfect people for your lineup who'll impress your attendees, making it an experience to remember.

Bringing people together and watching them share that experience — knowing you orchestrated it all — is rewarding!

That’s why it matters who you put up there on your stage. An event is more than connecting people or creating a powerful experience. Behind the scenes, every event is a reflection of YOU.

You want your speakers to wow the audience,
because your reputation is on the line if they don’t.

That’s why you have to be sure the people you put on your stage make you look good. When they do, all the pressure, stress, long hours, and endless details you put in are finally worth it.

That’s the moment you beam with pride, satisfied that you created an event that became an experience.

This is why you need a speaker who…

  • puts your audience first and who understands that above all else, her job is to serve them

  • entertains and engages your audience with topics that matter

  • has a deep knowledge of the subject she’s speaking on, and shares her unique take in a way that inspires

  • is a fresh face, a fresh voice, and an excellent communicator

  • brings personal insight and perspective by sharing stories that resonate

  • leaves your audience with valuable action steps they can put in place right away

This is where Courtney comes in.

Your job as an Event Planner might rank among the top 10 most stressful,
but you can trust Courtney will help you StressLESS.
(That's her motto, after all!)

After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25,
Courtney made it her mission to show her fellow mompreneurs how to reduce stress and feel clear, focused, and in control of their life and business.

Courtney Elmer Motivational speaker Success Women's Conf.png

In other words, she teaches busy women how to channel
their inner Joanna Gaines and make it through the day without needing
4 cups of coffee and a bottle of dry shampoo.

Courtney delivers high value by sharing simple steps for lasting change, leaving her message to StressLESS reverberating in the hearts of everyone present.

Whether she’s delivering a keynote, presenting a workshop, or running a breakout session, Courtney’s presence and on-stage energy makes every experience fun and memorable.

Her warm, engaging style and compelling messages are famous for producing A-HA moments among her audiences.

Courtney understands that topics matter, not only to the audience, but to YOU.

This is why she tailors every presentation to your event.

Her goal is give your event the kind of reputation that speaks for itself and sells out year after year.

Courtney Elmer Success Women's Conference Motivational speaker

Courtney's clients rave about the breakthroughs they’ve achieved and at how supported they’ve felt along the way:


As soon as Courtney opened her mouth, I was captivated. She has such a calming energy that made me feel fully supported all the while she was gently pushing me to see a different perspective. I always learn so much!

- Nadine M.


Courtney’s most-requested presentations include:

  • The 3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Women Make That Keep Them Stuck, Stressed, and Spinning Their Wheels

  • “Balance” is a Lie and You Deserve to Know Why

  • How to Break Up With Your Phone

  • The TRUTH No One Tells You About Why Staying Focused & Being Productive Are So Dang Hard


Event coordinators like you appreciate how easy Courtney is to work with and how quick she is to respond. She gets that time is of the essence when you’re planning an event, so she makes every effort to ease your pressure.

When you book Courtney, you can rest easy and have peace of mind knowing the experience she’ll create for you and your audience will be exceptional.

After meeting Courtney, her presence and power were clear. She’s a calm and confident guide who walks you through the process to terrific results. She genuinely cares, and her doses of honesty ensure you’re on track and achieving the results you deserve!
— Crystal D.
Courtney is lovely, warm, and oh so genuine! Her energetic, motivational, and inspiring disposition is infectious. She has a genuine desire to help her fellow entrepreneurs succeed in their life and in their business!
— Karen L.
Courtney Elmer is a STELLAR coach! Sincere, authentic, and personable, she’s able to look at any challenge with a refreshing perspective, helping her clients to transform their thinking and TRANSFORM their lives. You’re in good hands with Courtney and you can expect incredible results.
— Rebecca T.

Courtney is currently booking:

General + Breakout Sessions
Workshops + Seminars
Panel Discussions
Corporate Events
Podcast Interviews

Let’s work together to make your event a memorable one.

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You have a beautiful energy - so powerful. I was soaking it in!

- Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker