Marketing Strategist Internship Position Available, 2017 - 2018

Marketing Strategist Position Description:

If you love visualizing, strategizing, organizing, and creating action-plans – this is for you. We are looking for a Marketing Strategist for the 2017 – 2018 school year to join our team.

You will be in charge of creating a strategic marketing + growth plan for our company while building a skill-set that is applicable to numerous industries and other opportunities.

This position is a new one that has been created just for you, and you will be the very first to fill it. Imagine being able to land your future dream job because of the stellar marketing plan you’ll get to create and tangible results you’ll have to show off.

Plus, it’s an opportunity with hands-on experience that will look amazing on your resume, a monthly stipend, and lots of other awesome perks. And if selected for this role, you will get to work closely with Courtney and of course be invited to attend any of her live workshops + retreats that you wish!

What more could you want?!



Responsibilities + Expectations of This Position Include:

  • Design a unique and integrated growth plan to build our online community and increase our following and engagement across all of our social media and email marketing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, + Email)
  • Optimize our platforms + communicate closely with our Marketing Implementation Specialist to ensure that all parts of the plan are being appropriately implemented
  • Track analytics + insights, provide feedback, and tweak plan as necessary
  • Speak up when you have fresh, new ideas + let us know when our ideas are not-so-good


  • Knowledgeable on using the insights + analytics features of our three primary Social platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Familiarity with MailChimp, Canva, and PostPlanner a plus

We know school is your #1 priority, so we are more than happy to chat about creating a flexible schedule that works for you.

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