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YOU are some kind of wonderful, girl!

Thank you for taking a second out of your schedule to help me. Your endorsement will help change the lives of women everywhere, and encourage them to become part of the movement I’ve created to show busy mompreneurs how to StressLESS and LiveMORE.

Even more importantly, thank you so much for BELIEVING in me, and for being willing to share your belief in me with others.

Simply speak from your heart and share what you most admire, respect, or appreciate about me -- there’s no right or wrong here. It can be related to my values, personality, character, expertise, knowledge, etc.

I’m grateful for whatever you’d like to share about whatever stands out to you the most about me.

I’ll share your endorsement (either full or in-part) in my future marketing materials, and I’ll include your website or a tag back to you as often as possible.

Let’s keep on stressin’ less and living more, TOGETHER.

xo, Courtney


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