The Simple Strategy That Makes it Easier to Hit Your Goals

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"Your Design Here." 

Oo, I don't know about you but I think these words are full of incredible potential and also can be incredibly scary at the same time. 

What is YOUR Design, after all? What is it you REALLY want to achieve? 

Have you given it any thought? 

Let me just say this: if you've have ever felt like you have 20 different goals going in 20 different directions, you're not alone. 

It's true that after sitting down to 'plan' and 'set goals,' it's easy to feel more confused than when you started.

This is because goals on their own don't give you clarity. 

The strategy comes into play in planning out how you're actually going to HIT that goal.

(And this is why I challenge our #StressLESS Tribe members to get super specific in the goal planning thread on Mondays, in our Facebook Group.)

Yet unfortunately, most people follow methods for goal-setting that are old and outdated, and inevitably fail them time and again when it comes to getting the results they want.

But I've found a simple approach that I've grown to love, because it's helped me focus TREMENDOUSLY and I've been getting amazing results. 

It's called... *drumroll plase* ...having an OVERARCHING THEME.

An Overarching Theme is simply a core intention or focus for a season of time. 

Maybe you focus on it for a quarter, maybe six months, maybe an entire year. You can choose. (I personally like to create an Overarching Theme for the year to keep things simple.)

The reason that having a Theme works is because it helps you filter all of your decisions: if it supports your theme, do it. If it doesn't, scrap it.

My Theme this year is "Increased Visibility." This is why you'll see more and more of me consistently: here in your inbox as one of my VIPs,  on my Facebook fan page, in my Facebook group The #StressLESS Tribe, as well as on other platforms, special projects, speaking gigs, and live events.

Having a Theme makes it easy.

With a Theme you can easily ask yourself: does it support me in accomplishing this goal or does it take away from it?

Heading into the New Year is a perfect time to give your Overarching Theme some serious thought.

What are you desiring most in your business in 2018? How can you turn that into a simple Theme for you to live by?


XO, Courtney

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