The One (Unusual) Skill That Will Serve You Well in the New Year {Part 1}

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2018 is HERE! I'm imagining that many of you have big goals and plans for the New Year ahead, and good for you!

Yet before you get too busy making plans, there's something I have to tell you that's proven to be SO valuable to me time and time again for boosting my motivation and deepening my innate sense of self-worth.

Ready for it?

I want you to take a second and STOP.


As entrepreneurs, it's easy to live life checking things off your to-do list and hurrying on to the next thing.

This keeps us in a cycle of focusing on what we don't have yet. This keeps us focused on our LACK. And that is a dangerous place to be, because it KILLS motivation and invites discouragement right in the front door.

Something we don't do enough is to celebrate how FAR we've come, and all that we HAVE accomplished.

Celebrating where we ARE, rather than pity-partying over where we *think we should* be.

It's important to press PAUSE for a second and celebrate your progress, big and small.

REFLECTION is a key skill that every entrepreneur and business owner must cultivate. 

And to help you do that, I'll be posting a series of 10 short questions over the next two weeks so that you can pause and reflect on all that you DO have, all that you ARE capable of, and all that you are WORTH.

It's time to celebrate YOU, my friend!

I highly encourage you to spend a few moments reflecting on your answers to each of these. Trust whatever comes to mind first. (Bonus points if you spend a few moments journaling your answers to each one!) 

Look back on 2017. Notice...

  1. What new skills have you learned?
  2. What actions have you taken?
  3. What inner transformations have you undergone? And, what personal insights have you had?
  4. Where this past year did you pick yourself up after you fell down hard?
  5. What bad habits did you shift this past year, and how did you shift them?

XO, Courtney

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