Do You Struggle With Internal Conflict When It Comes to Making Decisions?

fulfilled and happy courtney elmer coaching

I got a GREAT email newsletter from a colleague of mine recently.

In it, she told the story of a client she was working with who had a desire to adjust her niche market and work with a different target audience, but was afraid to make that move because of all that she'd worked so hard to build thus far in her business.

On the one hand (the client) didn't want to start over from "square one," but on the other hand she felt that serving this 'new' audience would feel more aligned and fulfilling for her.

Does this internal conflict sound familiar? We have these and similar internal conflicts all the time in our lives and our businesses. On one hand we feel one way, while on the other, we know that if we trusted our heart and followed it, that it would feel a whole lot better.

Here's what her coach told her: "Clarity comes from taking action. You’ve taken a ton of action. You’ve served clients and changed lives. You learned how to do free calls, convert clients on consults, create killer opt-in offers, write awesome copy, host a Facebook group, publish great content on social media, write blog posts, send a weekly email newsletter, and even do your bookkeeping.

Adjusting your niche doesn’t mean you’re starting at square one. You can’t ever go back to square one, because you’ve learned so much along the way. It’s all applicable to your next evolution.”

And what a beautiful thing that is: That you can never "unlearn" something.

So if you're feeling torn about something and aren't sure which decision is the right one, MAKE A DECISION and move forward with it anyway.

Everything you learn stays with you as you grow and evolve into the future best version of yourself.

And THAT is a comforting thought. :)

XO, Courtney

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