How Do You Handle Unexpected Circumstances?

Courtney Elmer Coaching_Snow Day

As many of you know I live in New Orleans, which has a pretty cool slogan, "Lassiez Le Bon Temps Rouler!" (French for "Let the Good Times Roll" for you non-locals ;) 

However, this city could just as easily have a different slogan: "The City Where It (Almost) Never Snows"

I say "almost" because every 10 years or so, we will see some snow flurries make their way across the city, barely touching the ground before scurrying along their merry way.

Except for this winter, where we’ve had snow in the forecast TWICE in one season. (Seriously, this is something for the record books... never in my lifetime can I remember this happening before!)

During one of our recent "snow days" here in NOLA, it started with icy rain all day. Around 12:15pm I looked out of my window to see huge snowflakes falling to the ground. (It really is quite the phenomenon for us locals... all you snow birds would get a good laugh out of it because we LITERALLY do NOT know how to act lol!)

Now about an hour north of us in my hometown, they got about 4 - 5" of snow that stuck around for a good day or so.

And when that happened, my Facebook feed blew up with everyone's pictures and videos of their kids and pets playing out in the snow.

Of all the "snow pics" I saw, the pet videos were what really got me. They were hilarious!

In some cases, these little dogs would timidly venture out into this unknown-white-cold-wet-stuff, walking gingerly along as if they were walking on hot coals, looking back at their owners with a forlorn "why the heck am I out here?!" look on their face.

Other dogs would bolt out of the back door and run around in the yard as if they didn't give a care, totally owning it and making the best of it, chasing their tails and acting so excited whenever they'd slip across the yard.

And then it struck me: THIS is how most people live... one of these two ways:

1) They either cower in fear at the unknown, planting their feet and digging in their heels, wondering why this is happening and doing whatever it takes to surround themselves by what feels comfortable and familiar


2) They lean in and embrace the new challenges and experiences that present themselves despite any feelings of discomfort or apprehension, and simply own it and go with it.

MORAL of the STORY: When unexpected (and unfamiliar) circumstances happen in your life, which dog are you?

The one who says "take me back inside where I'm comfy and warm!" 


The one who says, "I don't know what this is all about, but let's have fun and make the most of it anyway."

XO, Courtney

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