How Create (GOOD) Content With Ease

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I used to hate writing content. 

Every time I'd glance at my to-do's and see that task on my list, I'd have this weight press down on my shoulders and feel an overall "heaviness" come over me. 

I dreaded having to figure out what to write, film, or blog about. I found myself getting stuck in my head, wondering what people would think of what I created. Wondering if it came across as too general... too nice... too harsh... too edgy... too contrived... too boring. Too everything. 

The truth was, I'm a creator by nature. I've always had a deep creative streak inside of me that I've explored in many various ways over time: art, music, theater, dance, traveling, writing, speaking, building, crafting, exploring, and so much more. 

I started thinking about how fun it was to get lost in the process of creating, to get "in the flow" and feel all the good vibes that would come from making something new, working with my hands, using my mind, and feeling totally in alignment with myself. 

It felt so GOOD to be in this flow state, learning something new about myself each and every time, and putting a piece of ME out into the world. 

I noticed that whenever I found myself in this flow state, I was completely absorbed in the process. I didn't worry about the outcome. I didn't wonder what might happen once I put this piece of me out there for the world to see. I simply embraced the process of creating, and enjoyed feeling completely and utterly free in the experience of it. 

And then I realized, that this was what was totally missing when it came to creating content to put online. I felt that I *had* to create the content to keep up with appearances, whereas with other creative projects, I did it simply because I *wanted* to create. 

I started reflecting and pondering how I could find this flow state in my work. I wanted to create content that was meaningful, impactful, inspiring, and purposeful... and I realized that by putting the pressure on myself to do so, made it seem forced and inauthentic. 

So instead, I chose to let go of all of that. I chose to simply write, create, and share my ideas without worrying about how many likes or comments I'd get. Maybe some content would bomb completely. Maybe some would soar. 

Either way it didn't matter, because what I was really craving was to feel aligned and purposeful in my work. And, the only way I knew how to do that was to share what was on my mind and heart, regardless of if it would perform well on social media or whether or not it was on trend.

Sometimes, what you have to say can impact someone's life in astonishing ways. And they will forever be in your debt for the new ideas and perspectives that you've given them, simply because you spoke your mind and heart and shared what you felt compelled to share.

So, if you feel compelled to create and are desiring to feel more in alignment with your truest, most authentic self, follow these simple tips to do so easily and effortlessly:

Put on Feel-Good Music

Maybe this is the latest Indie Mix on Spotify, maybe it's Top Pop Hits, maybe it's Classical or Folk or Country. Whatever it is, put it on and turn it up. Music uplifts the soul, and a good playlist will elevate your mood and help you to get into flow. 


Always acknowledge the power of your breath. Oxygen brings energy to the brain and to the body, and taking a few deep breaths to clear the cobwebs before you begin is both simple and super easy to do. 


Do What Feels Right to YOU

Forget about the outcome. Forget about what you think it *should* look like whenever you finish. Instead, lean in and focus on the process. Embrace what it feels like to do what feels right to you. If it feels right to dip your paintbrush in green instead of purple, do it. If it feels right to write about something that has been on your mind and that you want to share your unique perspective on, even if it's bold or brazen, do it. If you want to explore something new, even if it feels a little uncomfortable, do it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and you will discover more about yourself in the process than you probably expected to find. 

And always remember:

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XO, Courtney

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