I’m imagining you’re thinking…

“That sounds good, but I’ve tried to de-stress, find my purpose, feel more balanced, refocus, gain clarity… and I feel like I’m still struggling with the same dang thing. So how can you really help me?”

Yet if I had to guess, I bet there’s a teeny tiny little voice deep down inside that has you ALSO wondering, “What IF? What if there ARE some things I can learn to help me Stress LESS and live the way I’ve always wanted to live: focused, balanced, successful, & happy?”

And the reason I know this is because you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the glimmer of hope that maybe, just MAYBE things really CAN be different.

I'm Courtney Elmer:

Adventurer, Speaker, Fearless Leader, and Success Coach.

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Courtney Elmer Coaching Momprenuers Stress Management

I spent YEARS chasing my tail,

trying to achieve the dream life I wanted SO BADLY, only to wake up one day and realize that I was going about it ALL WRONG.

You see, I thought that in order to achieve the level of success I wanted in my life and business that I had to get up super early, stay up super late, and NOT STOP for a second in between. I thought that the reason I hadn’t hit my goals was because I wasn’t working hard enough. And if I didn’t hit my goals, it was because I wasn’t ‘doing enough,’ or maybe even because I wasn’t ‘good enough’ … right?

Wrong, Wrong, WRONG!


I learned the hard way that being so busy all the time was actually not helping me toward success…

it was KEEPING ME FROM IT. I felt like an eagle who had been caged: I was unable to flap my wings and fly.

Once I figured that out, I became determined to learn how to stop the tail-spin I was in and how to get CLEAR and FOCUSED on who I really was, what I really wanted, and how to go about actually achieving it.

I was sick and tired of sacrificing my LIFE for the sake of my WORK. I wanted to live my life and my work and love both, without feeling like one had to get put on hold for the other.

And that’s when I realized,

running a business DOESN'T have to be an endless cycle of stress & overwhelm.

I decided to combine my education, all of my mentorship, training, and experience and pour my heart and soul into creating a simple 4-Step Roadmap that would help entrepreneurs (just like you) STOP spinning and give them the blueprint they need to run their business from a place of balance and focus while living a happy and fulfilling life.

So, if you’ve ever felt like:

  • You struggle to keep it all together and feel like you are spinning your wheels

  • You feel unfocused, confused, scattered, and disorganized

  • You feel like your calendar is overloaded and that you have ‘no time’ for personal time or for the people & things that YOU enjoy

  • You feel like you can’t keep up, and you wonder what happened to the energy you used to have

  • You feel BUSY all the time – in fact you hardly ever stop - yet you're not achieving your goals

  • You feel like you don’t know where to focus because everything feels like a priority, and it’s causing you to lose profit in your business

  • You feel like you’re alone in the struggle and “maybe it’s just me?”

Then you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

I am on a MISSION to help entrepreneurs like YOU eliminate the pain of stress & overwhelm, and get clear on exactly how to have the highest level of performance in every area of your life & business.

I have built my entire business to give you the tools and support you need to learn how to stop spinning and take actionable steps toward becoming more balanced and focused in your business, without missing out on life along the way!

I will empower you to become more confident, feel more connected, work intentionally, and live the life and career you’ve always imagined. You CAN have it all.


My question for you is, Are you ready?
Now’s the time.YOUR time. Let’s do this together!

Courtney Elmer Lifestyle Strategy Coach

Courtney is one of the most passionate, organized, and positive people I have ever worked with! Genuine people are hard to find these days but Courtney is a prime example of what it means!

- Ashley F.